FC-2882M cannot read card After installing, it can not read the card, what happened?
2017-10-26 11:05
Details of the problem:

Using the F-2882M embedded door control board of your company to control the opening of the elevator door on the first floor. After installing, it can not read the card, what happened? We installed it on the metal board with keyboard, and open a hole in metal board.

Expert answer:

Hello, F-2882M embedded door control board is the board of IC card. The antenna in the metal board needs to open up the card window more larger. The holes should be more than 15MM for the antenna of reading card. And the antennas are not as close to metal as possible.

In addition, whether your card has been encrypted (control card) or not? FC-2882M generally use control card, and ordinary IC cards are not recognized.

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