FCARD Software Upgrade and Optimization Notice
2020-06-20 15:39

FCARD Software Upgrade and Optimization Notice

FCARD3500T New Version Released, Ver: 7.95

After nearly three months of hard work, collecting feedback and suggestions from all aspects of the market, demand for new product features and system problems, our company once again upgraded the FCARD3500T one card pass management system, the upgrade and optimization content is as follows:

1. Optimize the import and edit mode of face photos, improve the compatibility of photos and face machines, and judge the photo pass rate.

2. Optimize face photos, use the camera to take pictures, automatically capture faces, judge the suitability of near and far, and improve the compatibility of the photos with the face machine.

3. Optimized to support face photos exceeding 1M in size.

4. Modify the bug that the body temperature cannot be turned off in the properties of the face machine.

5. Add the settings for the face machine: mask switch, fill light, recognition threshold, tamper switch, language, volume, body temperature format and alarm threshold.

6. Optimize the import of personnel data, add the conversion of 3 and 4 bytes of height, and the hexadecimal card number is designed to be decimal.

7. When the face access controller uploads the photo, the original image will be sent without compression.

8. Optimize the result output when uploading photos to the face access controller in more detail (success number, repeat number, unrecognizable number).

9. Added support for switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit in the system settings.

10. Add body temperature in the printed report of access records.

11. Optimize the import of personnel information and support for batch import of photos.

12. Modify the tab order of the access control access level authorization interface.

13. Modify the photo interface in the personnel information, extract text, and modify the tab order.

14. Modify the tab order of the photo cropping interface in the personnel information.

15. Increase the monitoring support in the WAN usage scenario of the face machine, and the WAN address of the machine can be set in the system settings.

16. Modify the storage location of automatic login parameters to local storage.

17. Modify the parameter storage location of the automatic operation project (automatic calibration time, automatic acquisition record, log in to xx, etc.) after the software login to local storage.

18. Modify timing reading records, timing upload data, timing analysis of the storage location of attendance parameters, and change to local storage.

19. The processing logic for the long-term validity period of the Identfication card has been updated.

20. Can search the face access controller by specific IP, and you can select the search network mode.

21. When installing the special face FC-8600T face access controller, do not use the default unlocking hold time, and directly set the unlocking hold to 0.5 seconds.

22. Modify the personnel interface in the personnel file, after adding multiple photos and switching the main image, the upload logo is not modified, resulting in the inability to upload new photos to the face access controller.

23. The user photo that cannot be uploaded to the face access controller will be stored in the tmp folder, in the format: UploadError_xxx.jpg; xxx represents the user number, and the error code, SN, user number, and time will be recorded in Errlog.txt.

24. After uploading a person's photo to the face access controller fails, double-click the failed line to pop up a directory where the failed photo is stored.

25. Some Identification cards have a long-term validity period, when a long-term period is detected, it will not be converted to a date.

26. The interface for uploading data will fail when re-uploading the face access controller data, you need to try again, it has been modified to upload all personnel once.

27. Update the latest firmware for 59 series access control boards, 89 series access control boards, fingerprint access controllers series, and face access controllers series. (FCARD3500TVer:7.95 comes with a full range of new firmware)

28. Upgrade the face access controller step by step, which can improve the integrity of the upgrade file.

29. Optimize real-time data monitoring, and the electronic map is compatible with the data of the body temperature face access controller, and you can view the live photos of the face access controller and the body temperature in real time.

30. Solve common errors in communication with the fingerprint access controller.

31. Solve the problem of clock read and write errors with a small probability of the controller.

32. Strengthen the functions of entry and exit records photos and body temperature records.

FCARD Series Face Recognition Access Controller Ver: 4.18 Firmware Version Optimization

(Face Access Controller Series)

1. Strengthen the wide dynamic speed and speed up the reaction time to light changes

2. Add Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can turn off the temperature measurement function of the temperature measurement face access controller.

3. Add: Traditional Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Cantonese support.

4. Add Bluetooth to control the Bluetooth lock function.

5. Add bistable unlock mode.

6. Add the fill light start mode, support automatic light, always on, and always off mode.

7. Added body temperature alarm temperature setting, default: 37.3 degrees, can be set to 36-42 degrees for optional.

8. Optimize the upload speed of faces, the fastest is 0.3 seconds per frame.

9. Optimize the algorithm to improve the misrecognition rate.

10. Add the boot screen modification function.

11. Add screen saver picture modification function.

12. Optimize record photo storage, upgrade 10,000 photos to 50,000 photos.

13. Optimize the storage of identification records to ensure the integrity of data storage.

14. Optimize CPU work efficiency and reduce working temperature. (Reduced to the lowest power consumption during sleep, and temporarily start all CPU cores during recognition)

15. Optimize the human body temperature algorithm and adjust the recognition accuracy.

16. Solve the problem that the IP address cannot be modified due to the conflict between TCP/IP and WIFI.

17. Optimize the recognition ability under strong light.

18. Optimize the recognition speed. For 20,000 people, the recognition is controlled within 0.3 seconds.

19. Add software setting functions: light control mode, mask recognition switch, living body mode, recognition threshold, tamper switch, language selection, volume control, body temperature format, body temperature switch.

20. Optimize the body temperature display effect and increase the display text.

21. Add fully automatic test and inspection mode to improve production consistency and accuracy.

22. Modify several other bugs.

FCARD Series Fingerprint Access Controller Ver: 5.04 and Ver: 3.33 Firmware Version Optimization

(Fingerprint Machine Series)

1. Optimize the menu management interface of the fingerprint machine.

2. Optimize the efficiency of data collection and distribution.

3. Adjust the fingerprint algorithm in the fingerprint machine series to be unified, so that one fingerprint machine can collect fingerprints and send them to all fingerprint machines for use.

4. Adding the working mode of the master machine, you can connect another fingerprint reader as a sub-machine to realize the fingerprint identification.

5. Modify several other bugs.

I would like to thank customer for the software upgrade and optimization of our company, for the on-site feedback provided, and for our company's strong cooperation and support!

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